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Our menu varies from event to event

The Spudwich!

This is our flagship sandwich creation. Two over-sized, deep fried potato skins become the “bread” of any number of sandwiches. We offer classics like bacon, egg and cheese, BLT, bacon cheeseburger and cheesesteak all the way up to the gourmet surf and turf, chicken caprese, or pork and roasted peppers.

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Tater Tots

Enjoy a blast from your past with our delicious tater tots. Take it to the next level with our bacon macaroni and cheese tots or buffalo chicken tots. Feeling adventurous? Ask us to make a spudwich option into topped tots!

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Mashed Potato Balls

Our homemade mashed potatoes combined with a variety of ingredients rolled into a golf-ball sized ball. We then bread the balls and deep fry them to a golden brown perfection. Click to see our varieties!

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Mashed Potato
“Ice Cream”

Ice cream? No. Mashed potatoes? Yes. Our potatoes are scooped and mashed with the finest ingredients to create a flavorful sensation on a cone.

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Potato Sundaes

Potato and dessert lovers rejoice. We have taken the old time favorite, ice cream sundae, and made it a meal! 3 loving scoops of mashed potatoes are topped with bacon macaroni and cheese, Carolina pulled pork, and buffalo chicken. The sundae is finished off with a scoop of homemade coleslaw and a cherry… tomato! Want to make it a potato split? We will add pickle spears.


A potato-y twist on a Tex – Mex classic. Pieces of fried potato skins replace tortilla chips in this favorite snack. Perfect for sharing with friends and family. SpudNachos are available in the following varieties:

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Seafood

Our menu varies from event to event

Fresh squeezed Lemonade

Wash down all of the potato goodness with one of our delicious fresh squeezed lemonades! Choose a classic lemonade or excite it with cherry, mango, or other flavor add ins! Take it to the extreme with our supreme lemonade: a classic lemonade topped with cotton candy, gummies, gummies, and more gummies.


You don’t have to travel to us; we can come to you! Let 1 Potato two cater your special event. From weddings and graduations to birthdays and corporate events, we can tailor a menu to fit the event! What better way to show your attendees you appreciate them, then to let us serve them the most delicious potato treats in the world!