Birthof a Spudwich

I have always been known as a dreamer by my family and friends. My family would laugh because the one thing I was always sure of was the Food Spots no matter if I was on a business trip or out with a friend, I was always the one who knew where to go. Some of the places were great but the food was not what I expected it to be. One day I finally realized that what I was looking for just was not there so it was up to me to create it. I started creating new things in my kitchen…some men say there Media room is their Man Cave but mine is my kitchen. I would throw ideas out there to family and friends and would get the one eyebrow lifted at me and I knew that meant it was a No go. My family always gave me a hard time and they would laugh at my ideas but I kept on coming up with new ideas. I decided to take my favorite food the Potato and make the Spudwich. I started off with the Cheesesteak sandwich and added French fries to it, not bad if I say so myself. I told my wife about the Spudwich and of course I got the raised eyebrow from her but then she tasted it and she looked at me with a huge smile and said “you got something here…..”. I am a father, husband and inventor with a real passion for food. I love what I do and hope you love the Spudwich too.